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  • Ready for Warsaw PWA Indoor after an 8th at Fuerteventura

    24 August 2014

    Tonky Frans is already thinking about the 2014 Warsow PWA INDOOR WINDSURFING WORLD CUP. The event will be host at Poland’s International Stadium in Warsaw, from September the 5th to the 7th.

    He will be arriving to Poland after some training weeks in Lanzarote, where he is sailing hard after the Fuerteventa PWA, celebrated in the Canaries Islands at the end of July. The event in Fuerte did not go exactly how he planned but, he confesses: “8th overall: strong enough and many years of experience competing make me think about my next weeks training in Lanzarote and my next destination Poland Indoor!”

    Tonky arrived to Fuerte  middle July full of positive energy and with a great feeling of going to one of his favourite spots for the 2nd PWA event of the  2014 World Tour. He got to Fuerteventura with a 4th place and with hungry of winning. And even if the heats did not get him to the place he wanted in the podium, he shares a wonderful memory from the event.


    “My girlfriend and myself arrived to the H10 Playa Esmeralda and we were welcome by the Manager, Iker Alday. As soon as I open the door of the room I felt like home when I saw through my balcony an amazing view of the sea and the competition area. Sick!”, he claims. “I’ve loved being in this hotel and I fell really thankful for having been sponsored by a hotel where the food and the amiability of the personal were amazing. I will definitely be coming back next year, specially now that I know you can leave your equipment safe and next to you in your balcony. After 10 years travelling I’ve never found a hotel that offers you that! It’s a great support for the windsurfers”, he adds.

    Video training in the Lagon by Oliver Stauffacher

    Words by Tonky Frans, Fuerteventura on the 26th of July

    “On the 20th Maxime arrived and in the next days my brother Taty, my cousin Khiri and my friend Bjorn. It is always great to be together all of us! The prediction of the wind was already not looking good, at least not like the extreme conditions that I’m used to see in Fuerte when I love it!

    The Slalom guys where the ones starting the competition. I was supporting my brother on the beach, and I was really proud of him reaching the 7th place.

    The first day of the Free Style competition the wind was too light but we heard already by the Head judges that they will push us to compete the day after when the wind will get better. I was feeling focus and ready, but knowing that there shouldn’t be the conditions to start in Fuerte.


    Jeremy was my first opponent and Bjorn Saragosa was already on my way to stop me by 2-1 decision. Full of energy I went into the double knowing that I didn’t have a chance to make any mistake and I felt really good in my heat against Yoep Smith. Dieter Van Der Eiken was my next opponent and I felt good in the heat, specially hoping that my last Pasko would look as good as I felt it.

    But as soon as I saw that the decision from the judges was longer than the ones in the heats before I knew that the 2-1 decision will stop me for the rest of the event.

    Thanks to the crowd for supporting me! See you in Poland.”


Tonky Frans

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About Tonky

On 30th of March 1983 family Thode-Frans was blessed with a baby boy: Everon Bryan Frans. Everon was a very content boy who was fascinated by Tonka Cars. It is because of this passion that his aunt gave him the nickname Tonky. Read more >