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    24 March 2013

    Rankings Tonky Frans

    Tonky Frans2000

    • 2nd place Curacao regatta Juniors
    • 3rd place Overall
    • 3rd place Karels beach Men
    • 1st place Aruba High Winds Freestyle
    • 3rd place Copa Cultimara Juniors
    • 3rd place Dia di Bonaire Race
    • 3rd place Bonaire sailing regatta Juniors
    • 2nd Freestyle
    • 3rd place End of the year race Juniors


    • PWA Sylt 20123rd place Curacao regatta juniors
    • 1st place Midwinters Metrit Island Freestyle
    • 3rd place King of the Cape Freestyle
    • 4th place The Gorge Games
    • 4th place Freestyle

    2007: PWA ranked 5th Freestyle
    2008: PWA ranked 4th Freestyle
    2009: PWA ranked 3rd Freestyle
    2010: PWA ranked 5th Freestyle


    • 4th place PWA Vietnam Freestyle
    • 7th place PWA Podersdorf Freestyle
    • Tonky Frans7th place PWA Bonaire Freestyle
    • 5th place Aruba Hi Winds Grand Slam
    • 9th place PWA Lanzarote Freestyle
    • 4th place PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle
    • 6th place Overall PWA Freestyle


    • 9th place PWA Podersdorf Freestyle
    • 3th place PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle
    • 2nd place PWA Sylt Freestyle
    • 5th place Overall PWA Freestyle


Tonky Frans

Phone: (+34) 650 796 633

About Tonky

On 30th of March 1983 family Thode-Frans was blessed with a baby boy: Everon Bryan Frans. Everon was a very content boy who was fascinated by Tonka Cars. It is because of this passion that his aunt gave him the nickname Tonky. Read more >