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  • PATRIK and SAILLOFT, new sponsors

    28 February 2016

    Tonky Frans will come back to the Freestyle events celebrated in 2016 with new sails and new boards. SAILLOFT and PATRIK BOARDS are the new sponsors of the rider from Bonaire and he is already trying the new material in his home island. SAILLOFT has a high reputation in the international freestyle scene, and it is the first time that Tonky is sailing with them. About the boards, even is Tonky Frans has been sponsored by F2 till now, he has already been on… Read more »
  • Still hungry for the world tittle

    8 November 2015

    After a season participating in five events, four included in the PWA World Tour Free Style 2015 plus the EFTP Lanzarote, Tonky Frans finishes the year in the top ten of Free Style. Only four events in the tour, and the wind was missing in two of the events he was taking part of, what did not help to his ranking, but he still dreams to gain the world tittle. He is about to move to Bonaire for some training before the tour 2016 to get to start as he confesses that he “is… Read more »
  • Ready for Warsaw PWA Indoor after an 8th at Fuerteventura

    24 August 2014

    Tonky Frans is already thinking about the 2014 Warsow PWA INDOOR WINDSURFING WORLD CUP. The event will be host at Poland’s International Stadium in Warsaw, from September the 5th to the 7th. He will be arriving to Poland after some training weeks in Lanzarote, where he is sailing hard after the Fuerteventa PWA, celebrated in the Canaries Islands at the end of July. The event in Fuerte did not go exactly how he planned but, he confesses: “8th overall: strong enough and many years of experience competing make me think about my next weeks training in Lanzarote and… Read more »


Tonky Frans

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About Tonky

On 30th of March 1983 family Thode-Frans was blessed with a baby boy: Everon Bryan Frans. Everon was a very content boy who was fascinated by Tonka Cars. It is because of this passion that his aunt gave him the nickname Tonky. Read more >