Tonky Frans - NB7


  • Tonky Frans LAGN – by s3one

    Tonky Frans LAGN – by s3one

    Tonky Frans, a legend in Freestyle Windsurfing. Video by s3one!

  • Tonky in Tarifa

    Tonky in Tarifa

    This video of Tonky made by DS Promotions is shot in Tarifa. Flashback time!

  • The Pasko Style

    The Pasko Style

    Tonky went for a little warm-up session at Fuerteventura and was training the Pasko. He had many crashes but did some great ones, too.

  • Amir Charles – Pandemonium

    Amir Charles – Pandemonium

    Check out this song which features scenes from the movie 'Children of the Wind', filmed on Bonaire.

  • 2013 Equipment

    2013 Equipment

    In this video Tonky will show his most important rigging points about the 2013 Tabou and Gaastra gear.

  • Tow In Podersdorf 2013

    Tow In Podersdorf 2013

    European Tow In Championship - Quick clip of Qualification Round 1

  • Interview Tonky 2013

    Interview Tonky 2013

    Check out what Tonky his thoughts are for the upcoming season (2013) in this interview.

  • Tonky & Sarah-Quita Lanzarote

    Tonky & Sarah-Quita Lanzarote

    Tonky and Sarah Quita training in Lanzarote for the upcoming season 2013.

  • Bongka – Tonky Frans

    Bongka – Tonky Frans

    Tonky┬┤s signature move, the Bongka!

  • Double Elimination Sylt 2012

    Double Elimination Sylt 2012

    Tonky in the the winners final of the Double Elimination at the PWA Sylt 2012.

  • Spin Loop – Tonky Frans

    Spin Loop – Tonky Frans

    Tonky Frans is the master of Spinloops.

  • Kono – Tonky Frans

    Kono – Tonky Frans

    Tonky Frans is the king of doing Konos. He usually lands them all.


Tonky Frans

Phone: (+34) 650 796 633

About Tonky

On 30th of March 1983 family Thode-Frans was blessed with a baby boy: Everon Bryan Frans. Everon was a very content boy who was fascinated by Tonka Cars. It is because of this passion that his aunt gave him the nickname Tonky. Read more >