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  • “Fuerteventura PWA is one of my favourite events of the tour”

    28 July 2014

    Tonky Frans has been coming to the PWA Fuerteventura for almost ten years. One of his dreams when he still was a little kid in Bonaire was to become a pro and sail in this event of the Canary Islands. There is a long time that this goal was reached, so at the end of July Everon will be back to Fuerte with another objective: be in the podium.

    You have been coming to the event in Fuerteventura for many years, how is your relationship with the island?

    I love Fuerte, I love the conditions here and it is one of my favourite spots: strong wind, nice sandy beach and sunny weather. In addition, the atmosphere during the event is hilarious. The event is celebrated  in summer and the windsurfing is always amazing then. All this together makes a wonderful relation with this event.

    You must have lived very special moments after having come for so many years, haven’t you?

    Winning any event is certainly a good moment for everyone, and so it is for me. But I do specially think about the training days before the starting of the heats: I’ve lived amazing moments while training in Fuerte. These moments are the reason why I come back every year and where I find the motivation to make my best when I am in this island.

    PWA Freestyle Worldcup Fuerteventura 2013 Video 

    You enjoy so much the training here because there are good conditions for it, don’t you?

    Obviously. The conditions in the island are unique for Freestyle. I come every time I have the opportunity because the sailing is very good. Let’s say that the most of the times I have sailed in Fuerte has been during the summer, and then the wind is really good.  During the rest of the year I usually have to compite abroad in other places, so I don’t have so much time to sail in Fuerte, but I always visit the island at least three weeks before the event starts.


    The conditions are good for Freestyle, but are there also good for other disciplines?

    Well, there is many spots in the island where you can enjoy Freestyle, Waves and every discipline. You just have to drive around and you will find amazing spots

    You will be accommodated in the H10 Esmeralda during the event, why have you chosen it?

    Well, as a windsurfer it is really comfortable because of the location. It is so easy going in a and out with the material. It is like having a tow with everything that I need to sail not so far from the sea. And after the good sessions, a very comfortable place to rest where I do fell like at home. I couldn’t imagine any place better for an event, to be honest.

    How will be your day by day once the competition will start?

    Sleep well, wake up, eat healthy and sail: that will be everything. During the competitions I do always keep my focus on winning and I don’t let any distraction come through. I just can live my day by day as a champion ready to win. If I win, I will have reached my goal. If not, I will have tried hard.

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    Would you recommend Fuerteventura to other riders?

    I will recommend to come to Fuerteventura  to everybody, no doubts about it. From beginners to pros, but specially to advance people because they can enjoy more the action and the conditions that this island offers.

    You were fourth in the Bonaire PWA, and you have been first in the EPTF celebrated in Lanzarote some days ago, how do you arrive to the Fuerteventura PWA?

    Well, after 10 years of experience I come plenty of energy because I don’t have doubts about the values of this event.  It is well-known that it is one of my favourite events! Everything can happen but the truth is that I see myself a kind of change and with big possibilities to be in the podium. The only thing I’m scared of are the conditions: it will depend on them to have a good competition during the week or not. So I just can wait to check how the sea and the wind will be, and be well rested and trained to get my best.




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On 30th of March 1983 family Thode-Frans was blessed with a baby boy: Everon Bryan Frans. Everon was a very content boy who was fascinated by Tonka Cars. It is because of this passion that his aunt gave him the nickname Tonky. Read more >